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SimplyTronics Line Follower Sensor Kit



The ST Line Follower Sensor kit includes 4 of our popular ST Line Follower Sensors ST-00097 with hardware to assemble the sensors into standard robot chassis platforms and cables for connecting the sensors to the ST EDU or other carrier boards.

ST00098Parts.JPG ST-00098Assembled.jpg


The kit includes many extra parts which can be used to fix the sensors in different ways. The Line Follower Sensors will work better a different distances from the floor surface, depending on material and light conditions. You can use different spacers or locate nylon washers in different locations to make sure the sensors can detect the white background and the black line properly.

The pictures below show some assembly examples. Students are encouraged to be creative in mounting the sensors to minimize false readings.

Students can just assemble the sensors, connect them to the respective headers, turn power on and move the robot over the line. The Line Sensor LED indicators will turn on and off as the sensor detects the line. If for any reason the sensor does not detect the line, try increasing or decreasing the distance between the sensor and the line.

ST00098SingleBottom.JPG ST00098SingleTop.JPG

ST00098AssembledSide.JPG ST00098AssembledTop.JPG

Application Ideas

  • Line follower robotics competition
  • Robotics Sumo competitions

Warning: Voltage- and Static-sensitive Device

  • These sensors are delicate, static-sensitive devices requiring proper voltage
  • Observe proper anti-static techniques when handling them
  • Disconnect all power before connecting or disconnecting the module to a circuit
  • Do not reverse polarity of the power connections, it could destroy the device

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