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8x8 RGB LED Matrix Display Module [END OF LIFE]



NOTE: The main component for making this product was obsoleted by the manufacturer so we won't be able to manufacture it anymore. We will continue selling it while supplies last only.

Add a full-color 8 x 8 LED display to your next project! The RGB LED Matrix Display Module, based on Parallax’s multicore Propeller microcontroller, comes pre-loaded with factory firmware that supports a detailed command set. The module may be controlled with most microcontrollers, such as the BASIC Stamp, Propeller, Arduino, AVR, PIC, etc.

The RGB LED Matrix Display Module is fully customizable: you can re-write your own firmware, define your own protocol, or modify the Spin and C firmware available for download on our website. Or, you can use the factory firmware and your own custom computer software to configure the modules via the 4-pin header for Parallax’s Prop Plug.

ST-00050 DSC 0133 back view 1280x1280.JPG ST-00050 DSC 0133 front view 1280x1280.JPG

Product Features

  • Built-in 5 x 8 ASCII characters
  • 16,777,216 different colors available for each pixel (RGB-888)
  • Easy interfacing via UART(Baud Rate: 2400 to 115200 bps)
  • Control with a microcontroller through a single digital I/O pin
  • Save a pixel pattern to the module’s EEPROM
  • Reprogrammable with Propeller Spin or C firmware, available for free download and customization
  • 4-pin header for the Prop Plug (Parallax #32201, not included) for firmware updates or direct configuration via a custom computer interface.
  • Factory pre-programmed with C (PropGCC) firmware
  • Connect multiple modules to create a large screen
  • Dual-row 3-pin headers provide stable connections between modules
  • Firmware supports 8 x 16 pixel ASCII characters for multiple modules

Technical Details

  • Parallax Propeller P8X32A
  • 10 MHz crystal for up to 80 MHz operation
  • 32 KB EEPROM
  • 3.3 V on-board regulator
  • Communication/Interface: UART/TTL, 2400~115200 bps, 8N1
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to 70 °C
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 1.8 cm

Suggested Applications

  • Advertisement display
  • Video wall
  • Public/transit information displays
  • Electronic art installations

Warning: Voltage- and Static-sensitive Device

  • RGB LED Module is a delicate, static-sensitive device requiring proper voltage
  • Observe proper anti-static techniques when handling them.
  • Disconnect all power before connecting or disconnecting the module to a circuit
  • Do not reverse polarity of the power connections, it could destroy the device.


Symbol Quantity Minimum Typical Maximum Units
VCC Supply Voltage 4.2 5.0 7.5 V
ICC(Sb) Standby supply current 50 55 65 mA
ICC(Su) Startup supply current 145 150 180 mA
ICC(Rt) Run-time supply current 50 55 80 mA
GND Ground reference connection 0 V
VIH Signal high receive (SIO) 2.4 3.3 5.0 V
VIL Signal low receive (SIO) -0.3 GND 0.3 V

Pin Definitions

Read pin labels on the board carefully when making connections. When read from the edge of the board, the top and bottom headers have the opposite pin sequence. So do the two side headers. This allows modules to be connected together. Only connect power to one VCC pin at a time. Only one GND connection is needed.

Pin Name Type Function
1 SIO Input Serial data input
2 VCC Power Supply voltage
3 GND Ground Ground (0 V)

Microcontroller Connection

You may connect the RGB LED Matrix module to a microcontroller through any of the module's SIO pins. Do not connect to more than one SIO pin at once. Note: the male 3-pin headers may be covered with removable protective caps. Capture 2.JPG

Resources and Downloads

Product Documentation

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