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MQ-5 (LPG) Gas Sensor


The MQ-5 gas sensor is optimized for detecting LPG (propane), natural and other kinds of fuel gasses. It can also detect alcohol and smoke but at a lower sensitivity. If you are designing a device to detect gas leaks, please take into account that you should avoid deploying this sensor in an environment that could have alcohol or smoke presence (to avoid false triggering the gas leak sensor).


The resistance value of the MQ-5 sensor varies proportionally to the concentration of various gasses. For taking gas concentrations measurements, calibration will be required.

We recommend this sensor for advanced users since it requires a medium to high level of electronics knowledge for interfacing it with a microcontroller or embedding it in an application.


  • Standard voltage 5V +- 0.1
  • Operating temperature -10C to 50C (14F to 122F)
  • Storage temperature -20C to 70C (-4F to 158F)
  • Maximum humidity 95%Rh

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