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IS23SC4442 Smart Card



The IS23SC4442 Smart Card provides 256 bytes of serial EEPROM accessible by SimplyTronics ST-00019 Smart Card Reader. This smart card also provides a 3-bit error counter and 3-byte programmable security code to prevent unauthorized write/erase operations to the card. Smart cards are used in a variety of applications ranging from telecommunications to personal finance. The IS23SC4442 Smart Card is 256 x 8 bits of EEPROM main memory embedded in a plastic card, the size of a standard credit card. The pins of the IS23SC4442 are accessible through the gold plated contact pads embedded in the card, and when paired with the ST-00019 Smart Card Reader can be connected to the I/O pins of a microcontroller.

ST-00020 Smart Card.JPG

Product Features

  • Memory Organization: 256 x 8-bit
  • 2.5 ms write time
  • 3-byte Programmable Security Code for memory write/erase protection
  • 1,000,000 erase/write cycles guaranteed with 10 year data retention
  • Compatible with BASIC Stamp, Propeller and most microcontrollers

Technical Details

  • Power Requirements: 2.7–5 VDC; 3 mA typical active current
  • Communication: I2C (CMOS)
  • Operating temperature: -22 to +167 °F (-30 to +75 °C)
  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 3 in (6.35 x 7.62 cm)

Applications Ideas

  • Security systems
  • Data storage
  • Tracking systems
  • Identity authentication


The IS23SC4442 smart card does have a programmable security code (PSC) to prevent unauthorized erase/write operations to the card. By default, this code is set to $FFFFFF. A 3-bit error counter (EC) is used to track the number of unsuccessful verifications of the PSC. After three unsuccessful attempts, the EC will lock the chip from further access, and data can only be read and never written or erased from the card again. Please refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet for the complete communication protocol.

Pin Definitions

ST-00020 diagram.JPG

Card Contact Name Type Function
C1 VCC P Supply Voltage
C2 RST I Reset
C3 CLK I Clock Input
C4 NC No Connect
C5 GND G Ground
C6 NC No Connect
C7 I/O IO Bidirectional Data I/O
C8 NC No Connect

Pin Type: P = Power, G = Ground, I = Input, O = Output

Connection Diagram

In order to interface with the smart card, a smart card reader must be used. The diagram below demonstrates how to connect the ST-00019 Smart Card Reader to your microcontroller for use with the example programs included on the IS23SC4442 product page. When inserting the smart card into the reader, be sure the gold contact pads are facing down.

ST-00020 connection diagram.JPG

Resources and Downloads

Check for the latest version of this document, manufacturer’s datasheet, and example programs from the IS23SC4442 Smart Card in the links below.



Example code for the BASIC Stamp 2 can be found in the link below


Example code for the Propeller can be found in the link below