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SimplyTronics product documentation

This simple wiki-website contains documentation of SimplyTronics products. We selected this format because it is more dynamic and it allows us keeping information up to date on every product.

We do not recommend printing the information from this website. If you need to check information in the future, the product page will be easier to find in this site than in a folder or stack of paper and even better, the website will have the most updated information and maybe more sample code or projects than the last time you visited it.

Just come back again when you need any information.

If you have any project based on SimplyTronics products that you would like to share, please contact us at

Product Pages

  • ST-00002 Absolute Encoder Adapter
  • ST-00004 Optical Finger Navigation (OFN) Module [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00005 Trackball Module [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00007 FM Radio Receiver Module
  • ST-00008 4-Directional Tilt Sensor
  • ST-00017 Sound Impact Sensor
  • ST-00018 X-Band Motion Detector Sensor
  • ST-00019 Smart Card Reader
  • ST-00020 IS23SC4442 Smart Card
  • ST-00021 IS424C16A Smart Card
  • ST-00022 IS24C02A Smart Card
  • ST-00031 PIR Sensor
  • ST-00035 MQ-5 (LPG) Gas Sensor
  • ST-00050 8x8 RGB LED Matrix Display Module [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00058 VPN1513 GPS Receiver [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00059 VPN1513 Smart GPS Module [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00060 External GPS Antenna (SMA Connector) [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00061 VPN1513 GPS Receiver with Antenna [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00062 VPN1513 Smart GPS Module with Antenna [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00074 ServoPAL [DISCONTINUED]
  • ST-00081 Wide Angle PIR Sensor
  • ST-00082 Mini PIR Sensor
  • ST-00088 ST EDU-S Simplytronics Educational Board Simple
  • ST-00097 ST Line Follower Sensor
  • ST-00098 Line Follower Kit
  • ST-00100 ST-Bot - SimplyTronics Educational Robot Full Kit
  • ST-00101 ST EDU - SimplyTronics Educational Board
  • ST-00104 ST-Bot-S - SimplyTronics Educational Robot Full Kit without rechargeable battery circuits