New ST EDU-S board and ST-Bot-S kits have arrived!

As our ST Educational Board gained popularity, we received feedback from many schools that did not want to deal with Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. This “feature” became an issue or an unnecessary cost for most schools that wanted to use standard AA batteries.

Li-Ion batteries are hard to find and very, very hard to transport. Most shipping companies changed rules effective on January 1, 2017, making it tougher to have robots based on Li-Ion batteries to move around. Some schools attending robotics competitions get their robots over the mail and they fly to the competition with their robots. Li_Ion batteries were a problem in most cases.

We received the feedback and decided to generate a simplified version of our ST EDU board, stripping out all the rechargeable battery related circuits and battery holder. The new ST EDU-S board (ST-00088) has the same capabilities that the original ST EDU with the only difference that it cannot recharge Li-Ion batteries. Any educational material that you used with or developed for the ST EDU board will work just fine with the ST EDU-S.

We also put together the ST-Bot-S Full Kit which is just the same than the original ST-Bot, but you will need to use 5 AA batteries instead of the Li-Ion batteries.
Both, the ST EDU-S and the robotics kit, are now available in our online store with an introductory price (for a limited time). We also have the usual quantity discounts that benefit schools and robotics clubs.

You can find the ST EDU-S board here at $39.99 (regular price is $44.99):

And the ST-Bot S-version at $130 for limited time (regular price is $149.99):

SimplyTronics Educator’s Course

On Monday, December 15, Lakeside High School hosted a robotics Educator’s Course in Nine Mile Falls, Washington.

LHS Principal, Brent Osborn worked hard to provide free hardware and food for teachers attending this class. We had 20 teachers from the area, stretching all the way to Idaho.

During this class we introduced the new ST EDU board and we were running robotics activities in parallel with the ST EDU and the BOE Shield. The boards are almost 100% compatible so everybody was able to follow along with the class, regardless of the board version they had.

Here you can see some pictures from the class (Thank you Brent Osborn for providing the pictures):

IMG_3213 IMG_3215 IMG_3212

This class increased the interest in the upcoming robotics competition that Lakeside High School is hosting next March 14, 2015 (more information about Robotics Rumble 2015 in a future post). Schools attending this robotics competition receive a free robot. The competition is free to participate and the school provides free lunch to the students participating in the event.