SimplyTronics Online Store

Finally we were able to release our online store and as we introduce this new website, we’re offering free shipping for orders of more than $50 (and a flat fee of $5 for orders below that value). At this point we’re only shipping to US address.

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You can continue buying SimplyTronics products through our distributors, but now you also have the option of buying directly from us.

ST-00031 SimplyTronics PIR Sensor front B (2)

This online store also allows SimplyTronics to sell some products that you cannot find through distributors, like our PIR sensor (ST-00031). Now you can buy it here:

We are taking most credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.

You can access our store from the link in our website (to the right of Home) or directly at

eBay Sales

While we work in the business/accounting system backbone for our eCommerce site, we decided to start selling or re-selling some products through eBay.

At this point we’re only re-selling kits or popular products that customers are searching for in eBay. Our core products will be for sale only through retailers and distributors for now.

Once our eCommerce site is up and running we will be selling not only the popular kits but also the parts we used to make the kits.

For now you can buy from SimplyTronics directly through our eBay account and you can also buy through our distributors.