Contract Manufacturing Services

If you spent hundreds of hours designing a new product and would like to start getting some return out of it, you may find dealing with manufacturing a little frustrating.

Since we manufacture many different products from PCB Assembly to molded plastic; from printing on metal cases to books; we have the resources, contacts, and experience to deal with production and logistics anywhere in the world.

Due to our higher consolidated business volume, we usually have lower MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirements for our customers. On top of that reduced MOQ, we apply very strict QA and QC processes.

As part of our Corporate Responsibility Rules, we perform regular inspections to our supplier’s facilities and make sure that they follow all of the local regulations. In some cases we set higher standards than local governments when we find the local rules are not good enough to preserve the rights of the workers. This gives you “peace of mind” knowing that your products are manufactured by happy and well treated workers.

How Contract Manufacturing works? Follow this link with more detailed information about the process.

Production and Quality Control Services

We can provide Global Supplier Quality Control and Quality Engineering services for customers that already have a manufacturing supplier but needing some control over the quality of the manufacturing process.

Design Services

Do you have an idea for a product and need help with the design?

We have an international team of Engineers and Engineering Consultants ready to tackle your project. We may even help you expand sales channels once the design is completed and manufactured.

For any inquiries please contact us.