Robotics Competition

We just came back from the latest edition of the Lakeside Robotics Rumble. This year  the room was full of robotics enthusiasts. Kids were shy early in the morning, but really exited about the competition by the end.

If you are interested in participating in a free robotics competition or hosting one at your school district, please contact us at

Below you can see some pictures from February 27th competition.

Free Robotics Class and Free Robotics Competition

Brent Osborn, Principal of Lakeside High School, in Nine Mile Falls, WA, will be hosting a free robotics class for teachers and a free robotics competition to follow.

The free class will be held at Lakeside High School on October 20, 2015.

The free robotics competition will be on February 27, 2016, also at Lakeside High.


For more details please download the pdf file or contact Mr Osborn:

2015 Robotics Training and 2016 Competition